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  • November 13th 2018

    Charline Laflamme, « 2011...quelle année! »

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  • November 7th 2018

    Dre Sylvie Châteauvert, « Comment cela peut-il m'arriver? »

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  • November 5th 2018

    Alain Thibault, « Oui, même avec une fin annoncée et de la douleur, on peut avoir des projets et les réaliser! »

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Other news
  • Specialty :Cardiology

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    We perform some 2,400 heart surgeries, over 8,000 hemodynamic interventions, and close to 2,000 electrophysiology procedures at our world-class facility every year. IUCPQ is also a center for teaching, research, and evaluation of medical technologies and practices.

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  • Specialty :Respiratory Medecine

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    Respiratory Medecine

    IUCPQ specializes in thoracic and otorhinolaryngology surgery. We are committed to staying at the forefront in our field by evaluating the latest technologies and treatments and investing in teaching.

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  • Specialty :Obesity

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    Our team performs bariatric surgery to treat severe (Class 2) obesity, and provides pre- and post-operation care for to ensure effective treatment and efficient operations.

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